Product review: Oxo Seal-And-Store Rotary Grater

Product number #1052349. Purchased at CookWorks in Santa Cruz, $15.50 plus tax.

Grade: D-

Short version: Hard to use; doesn’t do its job.

I bought one of these today with the intention of using it to grate carrots and nuts simultaneously, without the risk of grating my fingers, for use making carrot salad, pilafs, and that sort of thing.  I really like grated carrots, either by themselves or in other dishes, but if I try to manually grate them, I invariably end up grating my fingers in addition.

So, what better than a drum/rotary grater that would do the job without risk to my fingers?  Plus, it supposedly grates nuts!  Wonderful!  I can get baby carrots, drop the carrots in the hopper with some nuts, and have carrot-nut salad in minutes, right?



This thing does not grate carrots, it mutilates them.  What comes out is more like carrot mash, sort of like if I’d put them through a ricer:

I gave up on the nuts in about ten seconds, when it mostly just bruised them.  You can see a few bits did go through, but nothing even close to what I’d been hoping (those are the white specks).  This thing is marketed for use with nuts!

In addition, the carrot goop, because it’s wet and, well, goopy, doesn’t come out easily, not even when the thing is shaken over the bowl.  Well, that’s okay, right?  I’m a big girl, I can use my fingers to scoop it out.  Oh, wait, but this thing has the “feature” that the screw holding the cylinder to the handle has a housing around it, which means there’s this groove that’s too small for my fingers to get into.  Guess what happens?  Yup.  All the carrot goop gets pushed in there, and is almost impossible to get out.  It’s hard to see, but here’s a picture of the inside of the device:

Worse, from my opinion, this thing requires roughly the hand strength of the Hulk in order to actually grate things rather than just spin merrily around.  My hands were red and sore from squeezing as hard as I could, and I still only got that pitiful amount of carrot goop from about ten carrots.  I might have been able to forgive that, but look at the amount it didn’t grate:

And yes, I tried opening up the hopper, re-arranging the carrots, turning them on their sides, just about everything I could think of (you can see many of them are grated on more than one side).  I ended up injuring my fingers more trying to get carrots out of the edges of the hopper than I would have just grating the damn things by hand.

For comparison, I also grated carrots by hand, using the $2 grater from my grocery store.  I ended up with better results, less mess, and much less waste, and it took me about two minutes and hurt my hands and fingers less.  This picture shows the result of grating about five carrots (or half as many as I put through the rotary grater), using the grater at the top.  At the bottom are the pieces I wasn’t able to grate (for fear of grating my fingers), for comparison with the Oxo grater.

Now that’s what I was looking for: actually grated carrots, not carrot mush.  Less waste and faster, too!  The hand grater wins in all categories.

Conclusion: this product is absolute rubbish.  It might—-might—-be able to grate soft cheese, but I wouldn’t count on it.

I contacted Oxo asking how I can go about getting a refund.  We’ll see how they respond.


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